Retrieve third-party network routing validation by asset type.

The Fireblocks Network allows for flexibility around incoming deposits. A receiver can receive network deposits to locations other than Fireblocks. This endpoint validates whether future transactions are routed to the displayed recipient or to a 3rd party.



This API call is subject to Flexible Routing Schemes. Your routing policy defines how your transactions are routed.

You can choose one of the routing methods below for each asset type:

  • NONE: Defines the profile routing to no destination for that asset type. Incoming transactions to asset types routed to None will fail.
  • CUSTOM: Route to an account that you choose. If you remove the account, incoming transactions will fail until you choose another one.
  • DEFAULT: Use the routing specified by the network profile to which the connection is connected. This scheme is also referred to as "Profile Routing."

These are the default presets:

  • Network Profile Crypto: CUSTOM
    • By default, CUSTOM routing scheme uses (dstId = 0, dstType = VAULT).
  • Network Profile FIAT: NONE
  • Network Connection Crypto: DEFAULT
  • Network Connection FIAT: DEFAULT