Updates and improvements to documentation

  1. The Supported Assets section has been renamed Blockchains & Assets. The following endpoints have been moved to Blockchains & Assets in the documentation with no change to their behavior:
    1. GET https://api.fireblocks.io/v1/estimate_network_fee
    2. POST https://api.fireblocks.io/v1/transactions/validate_address/{assetId}/{address}
  2. Additional documentation has been added to the following endpoints:
    1. List transaction history
    2. Find a specific transaction
    3. Find a specific transaction by external transaction ID
  3. Removed options that have never been officially supported by Fireblocks with the exception of a small group of beta workspaces:
    1. Filter transactions by OEC_PARTNER
    2. The fields maxBip44AddressIndexUsed and maxBip44ChangeAddressIndexUsed have been removed from vault endpoints. Fireblocks has never returned these options and they were documented incorrectly.
  4. If a confirmation threshold is set by transaction ID or set by transaction hash and the value is below the required number of confirmations for a specific blockchain, an error with code 400 1451 is returned. This error response has been active since March 14, 2023.
  5. The code samples for the following endpoints have been corrected:
    1. GET /v1/transactions
    2. GET /v1/transactions/validate_address/{assetId}/{address}
    3. GET /v1/vault/accounts/{vaultAccountId}/{assetId}/{change}/{addressIndex}/public_key_info