API Reference Updates

A new version of the Fireblocks API Open API Reference file was uploaded (v1.8.0).

Added Backup and Recovery guide page

Sandbox Scheduled Maintenance: Feb 18 2024, 9AM-11AM UTC

The Fireblocks Sandbox environment (sandbox.fireblocks.io) will be down for maintenance on Sunday, Feb 18th, 2024, from 09:00-11:00 UTC.


Deprecation Notice: 'GET Asset Addresses' API

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance performance and efficiency of our API infrastructure, Fireblocks will be deprecating the GET Asset Addresses endpoint on March 31, 2024:

Added user management, Group management and OTA configuration endpoints

New endpoints have been added to the Fireblocks API:

Added "List addresses" endpoint

  • Added the List asset addresses (paginated) endpoint
    • This endpoint is currently in beta and its functionality may change
    • Calling the endpoint returns all the wallet addresses associated with the specified vault account and asset in a paginated list

Announcement: New Way to Create a Stellar Wallet

Fireblocks is updating the process for the creation of new Stellar wallets on January 1, 2024. After this date, customers will be responsible for funding the base reserve upon creation of a new wallet on Stellar. No action is required for customers who have an existing Stellar wallet.

Added "Associating End Clients with Transactions" guide

  • Added the Documentation > Best Practices > Associating End Clients with Transactions guide
    • This guide clarifies which endpoints and parameters to use to associate specific end clients with transactions for internal/auditing purposes or AML/CFT purposes