API Overview


Fireblocks provides a robust REST API for developers to leverage Fireblocks' capabilities programmatically. Our REST API is the base layer for all Fireblocks SDKs.

If you prefer to work directly with the Fireblocks API, read our REST API Guide.

To practice with our API before implementing any code, read the Postman Guide containing the pre-defined API endpoints.

Language-specific SDKs & guides

Fireblocks supports and maintains SDKs in JavaScript and Python to help you interact with the Fireblocks API. We also offer guides for languages in which we don't have a currently active SDK.

These guides provide you with a simple example to get you started and quickly past the first hurdles of securely signing API requests:

Need help deciding which language to use?

Use the following decision tree to help you figure out which Fireblocks SDK is best for your use case.

Web3/Smart Contract

Fireblocks offers Web3 connector SDKs for developers who use a base library as part of their tech stack and want Fireblocks to act as the underlying wallet and security layer:

  • EVM Web3 Provider: Learn about using ethers.js, web3.js or web3.py with Fireblocks as the Web3 Provider.

Additional Tools


Webhook notifications allow you to get push notifications for events that happen in your Fireblocks workspace directly to an HTTP webhook URL of your choice. This saves you the need to constantly check the API for updates.

Read more at Configure Webhooks.