Estimate transaction fee

Estimates the transaction fee for a transaction request.

  • Note: Supports all Fireblocks assets except ZCash (ZEC).



  • This API call is subject to rate limits.
  • The assetId parameter does not support the ZCash (ZEC) asset.
  • This endpoint does not support the CONTRACT_CALL operation.
  • The networkFee parameter is the gasPrice with a given delta added, multiplied by the gasLimit plus the delta.
  • The estimation provided depends on the asset type.
    • For UTXO-based assets, the response contains the suggested fee per byte.
    • For ETH-based and ETC-based assets, the response contains the suggested gas price. This is calculated by adding the baseFee to the actualPriority based on the latest 12 blocks.
    • For XRP and XLM, the response contains the transaction fee.