Configure Co-Signer in HA mode


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High Availability

Configuring multiple API Co-Signers to work in an active-active state is a good practice.

This high availability configuration ensures that transaction operations are always running and that the transaction signing load is shared across the API Co-Signers. If an API Co-Signer fails or becomes impaired, the other API Co-Signer(s) continues signing transactions.
In addition, configuring multiple API Co-Signer can significantly improve your signing throughput.

Backup & Recovery

Backing up the API Co-Signer server and data is highly recommended for streamlining machine updates or replacement processes. This backup can also be used for disaster recovery (DR), however, it is recommended to set up an additional API Co-Signer in high availability (active-active) and use it if something goes wrong. You can learn more about backing up and restoring the API Co-Signer by referring to one of the articles below:

Best practices

To ensure business continuity, install the API Co-Signers in high availability using both on-prem data centers (when possible) and cloud service providers.

If only one infrastructure provider is available for hosting all the API Co-Signers, follow the best practices for each cloud service provider for setting up cross-region replication and multiple API Co-Signer instances on different data centers when deploying on-prem.