Treasury Management

Store your funds securely in hot and cold wallets, manage your fund operations, and connect to exchanges, DeFi, and trading counterparties with Fireblocks Treasury Management

What is Treasury Management?

Fireblocks Treasury Management helps maintain a holistic view of your firms’ assets across wallets, connected venues, and fiat providers with a view to managing operational risk and liquidity.

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Set up, maintain, and scale your fund operations through Fireblocks Treasury Management

Using Fireblocks Treasury Management, you can streamline the functionality of your operations, enabling you to grow and scale securely:

  • Protect fund operations: Safely store tokens and NFTs and securely access exchanges or fiat accounts with our multi-layer security.
  • Set up governance rules: Use transaction authorization policy rules to create automated preferences catered around specific business requirements. Configure different roles and approval levels for stakeholders, and automate approval workflows to save time and maintain efficiency.
  • Operationalize treasury management: Use our services to view all treasury assets across hot or cold wallets and track and report the movement of internal funds.
  • Easily move assets around: Use Treasury Funds in DeFi, Staking, or Tokenized Funds. Use our Gas Station for seamless gas management as you move assets.
  • Make secure transfers: Connect with counterparties across the Fireblocks Network and transact in a secure channel taking advantage of address resolution while preventing human errors or man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Trading: Automate, rebalance, and transfer between exchange accounts while minimizing counterparty risk to exchanges using our treasury management offering.

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Raw Message Signing

Support more chains and actions. Generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction type or message.

Typed Message Signing

Allows you to sign messages using specific standard formats that prefix the message with a magic string. For ETH_MESSAGE and EIP712 messages.

Creating Vaults and Wallets

Generate Fireblocks vault accounts and asset wallets at scale for account-based and UTXO asset wallet types using the Fireblocks API and SDKs.

Whitelisting External Wallets

Use API calls and endpoints that whitelist external wallet addresses so that you can send transactions from wallet types using the Fireblocks API and SDKs.

Gas Station Setup and Usage

Auto-fuel a vault account to fund transaction fees with the base asset for EVM-based blockchains to automate and simplify your omnibus vault operations.

Creating a Transaction

Use transaction API calls to initiate any Fireblocks transaction operation, such as transfer, mint, burn, contract call, raw, and more.

Monitoring Transaction Statuses

Set up automated webhook notifications to monitor the progression of your transactions via transaction statuses and sub-status messages.

Exchange Transfers

Use the Create a new transaction endpoint call to manage external transfers to and from your linked exchange accounts.

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