Easily build and integrate custom, secure wallets into your application with Fireblocks' Wallet-as-a-Service API

What is Wallet-as-a-Service?

Fireblocks Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) is an API-based solution that includes the most secure MPC wallets by design. Our APIs generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction. It enables anyone to create, manage, and secure wallets for any number of users without performing the security work themselves.

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Manage your digital assets with Fireblocks WaaS

You can easily plug and play Fireblocks Wallet-as-a-Service into your app — allowing your users to own and store digital assets — or facilitate your users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, all with our self-custody solutions:

  • Scale without sacrificing security: With our secure MPC wallets, you can create, manage, and secure deposits for any number of end-users in a compliant and reliable manner.
  • Supports businesses of all sizes: Our WaaS product is compatible with various industries, including retail service, web3 companies, financial services and banking, exchanges, and financial market infrastructures.
  • Native support for 40+ blockchains: Store your assets on the blockchain of your choice. And even if we don't support your blockchain, we offer raw signing so you can securely manage assets.
  • Monitor statuses of your transactions: Using our tools like transaction status API, webhooks, and transaction history, you can stay up-to-date on the progress of your transactions and take action as needed.
  • Policy Engine: Protect your custody from internal collusion, human error, and external attacks.

With the Fireblocks API, you can manage your workspace, automate your transaction flow, or use webhooks to receive push notifications on what's happening in your workspace. And in addition to the APIs, our Console can help monitor transactions and audits securely and reliably.

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Deploying an NFT collection

Create an NFT collection using the ERC-721 standard and deploy it with Fireblocks Hardhat Plugin.

Creating Vaults and Wallets

Generate Fireblocks vault accounts and asset wallets at scale for both account-based and UTXO asset wallet types using the Fireblocks API and SDKs.

Minting an NFT

Mint and verify Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for your NFT collection using the Fireblocks Hardhat Plugin or Web3 Provider.

Raw Message Signing

Support more chains and actions. Generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction type or message.

Typed Message Signing

Allows you to sign messages using specific standard formats that prefix the message with a magic string. For ETH_MESSAGE and EIP712 messages.

Creating a Transaction

Use transaction API calls to initiate any Fireblocks transaction operation type, such as transfer, mint, burn, contract call, RAW, and more.

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