Connect to Exchanges and FIAT Providers

Fireblocks enables clients to connect their own (supported by Fireblocks) exchange and fiat accounts directly within the workspace.

Customers can bring their API credentials from the supported exchange or fiat account and integrate them into the Fireblocks workspace.
Once connected, clients can seamlessly transfer funds to and from the connected exchange account via the Fireblocks console or the API.

Additionally, clients can view the balances of their connected exchange accounts and set Transaction Authorization Policies (TAP) and automated processes around these accounts, enhancing both control and efficiency in managing their assets.


Learn more about connecting Exchange or FIAT accounts in the following guides:

  1. Supported Exchange Accounts and configuration guides
  2. Supported FIAT Accounts and configuration guides


Check out the Exchange Accounts and FIAT Accounts management APIs in the Firebocks API Reference


Check out the Exchange and FIAT Accounts Developer Guide here