Create Payouts


The Payout Service API allows you to create and execute payout instruction sets.

A payout instruction set describes how to distribute payments from a payment account to multiple payee accounts.

  • Payment account: Any valid Fireblocks-supported vault account, exchange account, or fiat account.
  • Payee account: A valid address in Fireblocks for receiving funds. This can be a vault account, exchange account, whitelisted address, fiat account, or merchant account.

The payout process can only be executed if the payment account has a sufficient balance for the entire payout instruction set. If the payout account doesn't have a sufficient balance, the payout remains in an Insufficient Balance state until the payment account has a sufficient balance to perform the payout instructions. Payouts in an Insufficient Balance state expire at midnight UTC and are moved to Failed status.

A payout instruction set can only be executed once. Re-executing a payout instruction set results in an error.

Payouts Flow

When a user wants to send a payment to one or more of their merchants, they can use the Payout Service API to send the payout from their exchange account.

The flow consists of 3 main steps:

  1. Creating a payout instruction set
  2. Executing a payout instruction set
  3. Monitoring Payouts