Self-Custody Infrastructure

Be the owner of your funds without compromising speed and security using Fireblocks' self-custody infrastructure

What is Self-Custody Infrastructure?

Fireblocks Self-Custody Infrastructure is a secure and reliable way to store your digital assets. With our robust APIs and multi-layer security, MPC, and Intel SGX, you can be sure that your funds are safe and accessible instead of handling the security work yourself.

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Set up and store your funds through Fireblocks Self-Custody Infrastructure

Using our self-custody technology, you can harness your funds to hold them securely and safely:

  • API Co-Signer: Automate the approval and signing of transactions and maintain custody with our API Co-Signer.
  • MPC technology: With MPC, the corresponding private key shares are created and encrypted in isolated environments among multiple parties. To sign transactions, the key shares are used to perform multiple rounds of computation without ever being brought into the same environment. Because of this, MPC eliminates the single point of compromise of private key creation and signing.
  • Secure Hardware Enclaves: Self-custody your private keys in secure hardware enclaves to keep your keys safe from malicious software or unauthorized users.
  • Key backups: Get a backup copy of all your signing keys and have full control over your funds.

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Raw Message Signing

Support more chains and actions. Generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction type or message.

Typed Message Signing

Allows you to sign messages using specific standard formats that prefix the message with a magic string. For ETH_MESSAGE and EIP712 messages.

Custodial Services

Flexible MPC-based wallet infrastructure enables both segregated vault structures and omnibus vault structures based on your business needs.

UTXO Consolidation

Leverage automation to consolidate your unspent UTXO balances across UTXO wallets through special transactions that merge them into a single output.

UTXO Manual Selection

Use dedicated API calls to manually select specific UTXO asset wallet balances to consolidate into a single transaction to send to your omnibus account.

Creating an Omnibus Vault Structure

Use API keys to generate intermediate vault accounts, identify incoming transactions, and sweep funds to the Omnibus Deposits vault accounts.

Sweep to Omnibus

How to automate moving funds from intermediate vault accounts, assigned to your end-users for their deposits to your omnibus account.

Validating Travel Rule transactions with Fireblocks and Notabene

Using the Fireblocks SDK to submit transactions to Notabene for validation that they comply with the Travel Rule while keeping PII data encrypted.

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