Get Supported Assets

Fireblocks supports thousands of assets across dozens of supported blockchain networks, observes trends in the blockchain world, and frequently adds global support for new assets. All supported assets have the same name and asset ID across all customer workspaces where they are available.

Globally supported assets are available by default when creating new asset wallets in any Fireblocks workspace. They are displayed in the public list of all Fireblocks supported assets . The public list is refreshed monthly.

Locally supported assets only appear in Fireblocks workspaces that have manually added or requested them. They are available to transfer to any destination that supports them. Confirm support with a counterparty before transferring local assets to a Fireblocks Network destination. Learn more about adding ERC-20 tokens or adding non-EVM tokens to your workspace.

The most accurate way to see all supported assets in your workspace is by using the Fireblocks API as described in the following developer guide.


Learn more about globally supported assets in Fireblocks here