Fireblocks Use Cases

What can you build with Fireblocks?

Virtually anything! Fireblocks supports a range of use cases, from centralizing treasury management to building a fintech application. Here are some of the use cases we support:

  • NFT Marketplaces and Platforms
  • Treasury Management
  • Digital Asset Custody
  • CeFi and DeFi Trading
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Web3 Gaming
  • Tokenization
  • Staking
  • Smart Contract Security and Management
  • Wallets for Retail Applications

What types of businesses are built on Fireblocks?

Fireblocks enables your business to access the digital asset ecosystem quickly and securely. From Web3 to financial services, almost every type of business is building on Fireblocks.

Financial InstitutionsBanks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Lending Desks, OTC Desks, Prime Brokers, Market Makers, Family Offices
Web3 CompaniesNFT Marketplaces, DAOs, DeFi Protocols, GameFi, Web3 Infrastructure Providers, Protocol Foundations, and B2B Web3 Services
Retail ServicesExchanges, Corporates, Fintechs, Neobanks, Challenger Banks, Investment Platforms
B2B ServicesPayment Service Providers, Banking-as-a-Service Providers

Fireblocks Features and Integrations


  • MPC-CMP Wallets: Proprietary, 8x faster signing.
  • Cold Wallets: The only MPC-based cold storage solution.
  • Wallets for Retail Apps: Create millions of user wallets via API.
  • Operational Wallets: Deploy and control smart contracts from secure MPC wallets.
  • Treasury Management: Operational controls for wallet and address management.
  • Policy Engine: Robust and customizable, for tailored governance workflows.
  • Fireblocks Network: Digital asset transfer network.
  • Payments Engine: Accept, manage, and settle digital asset payments.
  • Staking: Stake across 7 blockchains directly from Fireblocks wallets.
  • Blockchain Support: Access to 40+ protocols and 1,200+ tokens (incl. any ERC-20).
  • AML/KYT Compliance: Automated screening and audit logging.
  • Tokenization: Convert assets into stablecoins & security tokens.
  • Deposit Acceleration: Enables zero-confirmation transfers on the Fireblocks Network.
  • Ethereum Gas Station: Automatic top-ups to streamline operations.
  • Fireblocks DeFi: Access 10+ blockchains via Browser Extension, WalletConnect, or API.
  • Permissioned DeFi: Enabling access to compliance-friendly DeFi markets.
  • Reporting: Exportable transaction and user logs.
  • Disaster Recovery: Multiple key backup and recovery options.
  • Fireblocks API: Programmatic access to the Fireblocks platform.


  • KYT/AML: Chainalysis, Elliptic
  • Travel Rule: Notabene
  • Tax: Taxbit, Cryptio
  • Disaster Recovery Service: Coincover
  • Staking: Kiln, Figment, Lido, Rocketpool
  • Tokenization: Tokeny, BitBond
  • Fiat: BCB, Signature
  • DeFi: WalletConnect
  • Trading: Talos, AlgoTrader