Set Transaction Authorization Policy


With the Fireblocks platform, your funds are, by design, protected with several security layers. The Authorization Policy is a crucial layer that defines what actions are allowed or blocked by which users from which sources, to which destinations and additional limitations. Visit the Fireblocks Help Center for additional details, to see examples, walkthroughs and details about proper logic settings for your use case.

On top of the TAP Editor tool in the Fireblocks Console, API users can retrieve details about the active TAP using the Get the active policy and its validation endpoint or to directly push a new TAP using the Send publish request for a set of policy rules endpoint.

Alternatively, if a certain use case in your organization requires you to check your TAP prior to publishing it, you may choose to work with TAP Drafts and retrieve the active TAP draft using the Get the active draft endpoint or update or post a new draft using the Update the draft with a new set of rules or Send publish request for a certain draft id endpoints.


Learn more about the Transaction Authorization Policy here


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