Tokenize Assets


Tokenization is the representation of an asset, which could be a real-world physical asset or a digitally native one, on a distributed ledger. Tokens represent ownership, control, claim, or a right to the underlying asset or service. With Fireblocks, you can issue and manage tokens for your specific use case, such as stablecoins, carbon credits, in-game assets, concert tickets, real estate, memorabilia, artwork, NFTs, or any other asset you want to tokenize.

Tokenization in Fireblocks


Tokenization is a premium feature that requires an additional purchase. If you don’t have access to this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss having it enabled in your Fireblocks workspace.

The Tokenization feature allows you to deploy and manage tokenized assets and their lifecycle via the Fireblocks Console or the Fireblocks API.

Supported assets and blockchains

Fireblocks supports token issuance and management for the following networks and assets:

  • All EVM-compatible blockchains supported by Fireblocks
  • Stellar
  • Ripple

Token lifecycle management

Generally, a token's lifecycle involves:

  1. Issuing new tokens or linking previously issued tokens.
  2. Viewing token information on the Tokenization page.
  3. Executing operations (minting, distributing, burning, etc.).

You can manage the tokens in your workspace using:

The Fireblocks Console


Learn more about Tokenization in the Fireblocks Console here

  • EVM blockchains: You can call any smart contract function, such as minting and burning, for your EVM-based tokens on the Tokenization page.
  • Stellar and Ripple: You can issue, mint, burn, and transfer tokens on the Tokenization page. You can also create wallets with automatically established trustlines (an explicit opt-in to hold the token).
  • All supported assets: You can link tokens on the Tokenization page, where you can view detailed information about each of them.

The Fireblocks API

  • EVM blockchains: You can mint, burn, and transfer tokens using specific API operations. For all other operations, you can use contract calls.
  • Stellar and Ripple: You can issue, mint, burn, and transfer tokens. You can also create wallets with automatically established trustlines.


Explore the Tokenization APIs in the Fireblocks API Reference