Perform DRS process


Fireblocks provides a comprehensive backup and recovery solution to ensure that you always have access to your assets, even if you lose access to your signing devices or in the unlikely event that Fireblocks suspends operations.

Your Fireblocks Vault is a secure multi-party computation (MPC) based wallet that prevents your private key from being a single point of failure when you sign transactions. With Fireblocks MPC, one key share is stored on your company’s hardware, either in each user with signing privileges’ Fireblocks mobile app or on a server that hosts your API Co-Signer. You have two corresponding key shares, which Fireblocks stores at top-tier cloud providers. Your three key shares are never together in one place to expose your full private key.

Recovery Tools

Fireblocks recommends using our native self-serve recovery tool (requires a Fireblocks Help Center login), but for developers who may prefer a programmatic approach, we offer the Python-based Fireblocks Key Backup and Recovery Tool in our GitHub repository.

Instructions for the Fireblocks Key Backup and Recovery Tool are included in the repo's file.


Learn more about Backup & Recovery in the following guide