Create Embedded Wallets

The Fireblocks Embedded Wallets (EW) solution allows you to manage digital assets securely and effectively by granting end users full control over their funds or tokens without reliance on a third-party custodian.

The Fireblocks EW comes with native web and mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs), which businesses can seamlessly integrate into their existing applications. This integration provides a safeguarded and smooth method for storing and overseeing digital assets.

Employing multi-party computation (MPC) technology, the Fireblocks EW prioritizes the security and privacy of users' funds. Through MPC, end users maintain control over their private keys and benefit from an uncomplicated backup and recovery process.

The Fireblocks EW can be customized to meet your business needs, preferences, and requirements. The solution equips developers with foundational building blocks for completing key tasks, such as generating keys, signing transactions, and managing wallet balances. These building blocks give developers the flexibility to create custom product flows that integrate with their application's existing design and user interface. This adaptability empowers businesses to distinguish their product offerings, provide unique experiences for their users, and uphold competitiveness within the market.


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