Enable the Gas Station


Gas Station is only available to Pro and Enterprise customers. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Gas Station 1.0

Contact Fireblocks Support to enable the Gas Station in your workspace. After they enable it, verify the following in your workspace:

  1. On the Network page, you should have a new Network Connection named Fireblocks Gas Station.
  2. On the Whitelisted Addresses page, you should have a new internal wallet called Gas Station Wallet. This internal wallet holds asset addresses reflecting EVM-based assets supported by the Gas Station that exist on each of the vaults you enable the Gas Station on.

Gas Station 2.0

The Fireblocks Gas Station 2.0 now offers a self-service auto-fueling solution. You can designate a single vault account in your workspace as the auto-fuel Gas Station, and activate the auto-fueling option on other vault accounts. This allows for a self-managed, self-custody Gas Station service, and helps eliminate friction.


Learn more about the Fireblocks Gas Station 2.0 enablement here