Deploy, manage, mint, and burn custom tokenized on-chain assets securely using the Fireblocks API

What is Tokenization?

The Fireblocks asset tokenization platform is a secure and compliant way to digitalize assets and build blockchain-based applications. Our REST API provides powerful capabilities for automating tasks like creating, redeeming, managing, and issuing tokens, such as stablecoins or security tokens.

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Launch your tokenization project with Fireblocks API

You can use our Fireblocks API for tokenization in different ways:

  • Tokenize any asset, including fiat currencies, securities, and other illiquid assets
  • Mint new tokens
  • Manage smart contracts and whitelisting approval
  • Execute any smart contract function
  • Secure custody of your tokens
  • Trade your tokens on exchanges or through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions
  • Burn tokens that are no longer needed to manage the token supply
  • Integrate with other DeFi applications

With the Fireblocks asset tokenization platform, you can use our API to automate minting and token issuance 24/7. You can also manage your daily token operations using our easy-to-use dashboard.

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Raw Message Signing

Support more chains and actions. Generate ECDSA and EdDSA signatures to sign any transaction type or message.

Typed Message Signing

Allows you to sign messages using specific standard formats that prefix the message with a magic string. For ETH_MESSAGE and EIP712 messages.

Creating Vaults and Wallets

Generate Fireblocks vault accounts and asset wallets at scale for both account-based and UTXO asset wallet types using the Fireblocks API and SDKs.

Whitelisting External Wallets

Use API calls and endpoints that whitelist external wallet addresses so that you can send transactions from wallets that exist outside your Fireblocks Vault.

Minting an NFT

Mint and verify Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for your NFT collection using the Fireblocks Hardhat Plugin or Web3 Provider.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development frameworks to develop, test, and deploy smart contracts on EVM-based blockchains easily. Four different ways to deploy your contracts.

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