Fund Your Wallet



This guide walks you through the process of obtaining gas tokens and funding your wallet with them.

Gas is the fuel that powers transactions on the blockchain. To transact on the blockchain, you must have sufficient gas in your wallet. Some common gas tokens include ETH for Ethereum, MATIC for Polygon, and SOL for Solana.

Some tokens, like USDC or DAI, can't be used for gas payments. In this instance, the gas token must be funded into the wallet that creates the transaction.

Obtaining gas tokens

There are a few different ways to obtain gas tokens:

Purchase: You can buy gas tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges that support the token. This is the most common way to get tokens for Mainnet blockchains and workspaces.

Faucets: If you are working in a Testnet workspace or Developer Sandbox environment, you can often get small amounts of gas tokens from websites that provide free testnet tokens. These tokens can then be used for transaction testing without using real assets.

You can search on the web to find blockchain-specific faucets (e.g., you can search for "Goerli faucet" to obtain ETH to use on Goerli testnet).

Funding your wallet

Fund your wallet by sending these new gas tokens from your exchange or external wallet to your wallet address. Always make sure to verify the destination address to ensure that you are sending the tokens to the correct wallet! After funding your wallet with gas tokens, you can begin sending transactions on that token's blockchain.

Remember to monitor and replenish your gas balance regularly so you have enough to cover your transactions. You'll be unable to execute new transactions until you've refilled your gas balance.


Gas costs: Testnet vs Mainnet

Unlike the real-world costs associated with a Mainnet workspace, gas costs in testnet workspaces are inexpensive. Small amounts of a gas token can last you a long time!