Monitoring the Gas Station

As your vault accounts get auto-fueled with gas assets transferred from the different Gas Station wallets, the level of each asset in your gas station is reduced and eventually requires additional funding.

  • Check the asset balances in your Gas Station wallet regularly to ensure the wallet is funded properly. To add more funds, use the fundGasStationWallet function.
  • Call the Get an asset from an internal wallet endpoint to check your current Gas Station asset balances; for example, the code below retrieves the current ETH balance from the Gas Station wallet.
const getGasStationBalance = async (
  payload: ExternalWalletsApiGetExternalWalletAssetRequest,
): Promise<ExternalWalletAsset | undefined> => {
  try {
    const internalWalletAsset =
      await fireblocks.internalWallets.getInternalWalletAsset(payload);
      `Gas Station's ${payload.assetId} balance is: ${}`,
  } catch (e) {

  walletId: "904c6da6-5aae-4280-bcb3-d0b1a36fc6e9", // update to your gas station internal wallet UUID
  assetId: "ETH", // update assetID

async function getGasStationBalance(walletId, assetId){
   const internalWalletAsset = await fireblocks.getInternalWalletAsset(walletId, assetId);
   console.log(JSON.stringify(internalWalletAsset.balance, null, 2));

getGasStationBalance("gasStationWalletUUID", "ETH");
def get_gas_station_balance(wallet_id: str, asset_id: str) -> str:
   print(fireblocks.get_internal_wallet_asset(wallet_id, asset_id)['balance'])
get_gas_station_balance("gas_station_wallet_uuid", "ETH")