Common Issues


During operations, you may occasionally encounter one of the issues below when calling the Fireblocks API.

Endpoints in the API docs missing from SDK

Make sure you're using the latest version of the Fireblocks SDKs.

Used a corrupted private key

You'll see the following error message when this occurs: “ValueError: Could not deserialize key data. The data may be in an incorrect format or be encrypted with an unsupported algorithm.”

API call takes a long time

There are some endpoints that don't immediately return a response, such as List exchange accounts. However, most endpoints return a response immediately after they are called.

If you notice delayed performance for API calls, first check our status page. If everything there looks normal, contact Fireblocks Support so they can investigate.

502 error response

When you initiate a transaction that results in a 502 error response and then you resubmit the transaction, two identical transactions are created, resulting in double-spending.

There are rare cases in which the Create a new transaction API call results in a 502 error response and the transaction is initiated on Fireblocks’ backend. However, these cases are rare and we work to mitigate and resolve these occurrences.

To avoid requests with a 502 error response, we recommend using the externalTxId parameter.

{ "message": "invalid signature", "code": -1}

If you receive this error message, make sure that the private key you used is the correct one.

{ "message": "Unauthorized: Token was not accepted.", "code": -7}

This issue occurs due to an incorrect JSON Web Token (JWT). Typically, this happens when you don't use the Fireblocks SDKs and build the JWT manually.

Get the JWT and verify whether its structure is correct.

{ "message": "ok", "code": 0} or {”Unauthorized: Insufficient permissions.”}

If you receive this error message, check the failing endpoints and determine whether the failure is related to your API user's role. Some endpoints are unavailable for API users and only for Admins.