Developer Sandbox Quickstart Guide


The Fireblocks Developer Sandbox is a unique workspace built specifically for developers to get started using Fireblocks APIs and SDKs quickly.

You can find a complete list of supported blockchain testnets on this Help Center article.

In the Developer Sandbox, basic default settings are pre-set to optimize the speed of exploration over other parameters, including:

  1. A Testnet-only workspace - Explore the platform without risking real funds.
  2. An automated API co-signer - No need for mobile or API signing devices.
  3. A predefined Transaction Authorization Policy - Start creating basic transactions and working with smart contracts quickly with minimal friction.
  4. API activated by default - Make test API calls immediately.
  5. Basic Fireblocks console features are activated by default - Streamline your testing.
  6. Easier developer onboarding and API key creation - Get started within minutes.
  7. Pre-funded wallet with a small amount of Goerli Eth - No need to hunt for working public faucets.


Are you in the right place?

This guide is for Developer Sandbox workspaces only.

If you have a Testnet or Mainnet workspace type, follow the Quickstart Guide for relevant instructions.

A developer sandbox should have the following indication in the console:

Initial setup

In order to interact with the Fireblocks API, you will need an API key and a Private key (which are used to compile a JWT for authentication).

When you first login, you should see a 3-step wizard to create your first API user and keys. The keys are generated in the UI for convenience (only for the Developer Sandbox workspace type, other workspace types allow for more secure options).

You can also create additional API users and keys via the "Developers" area (bottom-left) and clicking on the "Add API User" button on the top-right corner.

By choosing "Automatic CSR" in the form, the Fireblocks UI can generate one for convenience. You can also choose "Custom CSR" for a more secure option to upload your own.


API User Limits

Developer Sandboxes are limited to 5 API users.

Try the Fireblocks API 🚀

Now you're ready to try the Fireblocks API using one of the Fireblocks SDKs, or the REST endpoints directly.


Sandbox URLs

Developer Console UI:

Sandbox API:

Get started using our SDKs or REST API endpoints in minutes with our Postman guide.