Structure the API Call


Learn more about Typed Message Signing in Fireblocks in the following guide

Structuring the API Call:

Typed message signing in Fireblocks is performed through the Fireblocks API - Create Transaction Endpoint. The following parameters are required for any Typed Message Signing API request:

  operation: "TYPED_MESSAGE",
    assetId: "ETH"/"BTC"/"TRX",
    source: {
      type: "VAULT_ACCOUNT",
      id: "<vaultAccountId>"
    extraParameters: {
    rawMessageData: {
      messages: [{
        content: "my_message",
        type: "EIP191"/"EIP712"/"TIP191"/"BTC_MESSAGE"
  • assetId - The network to use (possible values are ETH, BTC and TRX
  • operation - Transaction operation type (TYPED_MESSAGE)
  • source - The vault account from which the Typed Message Signing is to be executed
  • extraParameters - An additional parameters object that includes the rawMessageData object, which contains the messages array. Each message in this array specifies its content and the type of message signing. The possible types are: EIP191, EIP712, TIP191 and BTC_MESSAGE


Fireblocks users are not required to prefix the message before submitting it to the API. The only requirement is that for any message type other than EIP712, the message to be signed must be submitted in hexadecimal format.

For more detailed examples on how to structure your API calls correctly for the relevant supported asset, please refer to the guides per asset provided in this section.