Create Vault Accounts

Your Fireblocks workspace utilizes a hierarchy of vault accounts as part of its Object Model. This hierarchy allows you to segregate funds belonging to different business units or deposited by different users.

A Vault account can hold multiple assets. To transfer to or from vault accounts, your source or destination targets must be provided with both their vault ID and asset ID.

Use the Create a new vault account API call to create a new vault account that will hold your UTXO or account-based wallets.

Code Example

(async() => {

  const vaultAccount = await fireblocks.vaults.createVaultAccount({
    createVaultAccountRequest: {
      name: "MyVaultAccount",
      autoFuel: true,
      hiddenOnUI: false
  console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 2))

vault_account = fireblocks.create_vault_account(

Response Example

  "id": "148",
  "name": "MyVaultAccount",
  "hiddenOnUI": false,
  "assets": [],
  "autoFuel": true

Optional parameters


Set to true by default, hides this vault account from appearing in the Fireblocks Console.

This is the best practice when creating intermediate deposit vault accounts for your users as it helps reduce visual clutter and improves UI loading time.

The best practice is configuring this setting so that only your omnibus account and another operational vault account (or multiple) are visible in the Fireblocks Console.


If the Gas Station service is enabled on your workspace, this flag needs to be set to true if you wish to monitor and fuel this account's Ethereum address upon detected balance refresh events, such as when deposits of ERC20 tokens occur.