Execute Smart Transfers

Create a Smart Transfer ticket

  1. Call this endpoint to create a Smart Transfer ticket.
  2. In the NetworkId field, enter the Network profile of the counterparties you want to create a smart transfer with.
  3. Under the terms field, add assets and amounts that are going to be exchanged.

In the example below, we are exchanging 1.23 BTC for 23.213 ETH, where:

  1. BTC will be sent from Network ID e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a to
    Network ID 798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98.
  2. ETH will be sent from Network ID 798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98 to
    Network ID e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a.

Fund Smart Transfer ticket

To fund the Smart Transfer ticket call this endpoint. You can fund a ticket in any order, i.e. any side can go first. In order to fund a ticket, you must first define the funding source (vault or connected exchange account).

Cancel Smart Transfer ticket

To cancel a ticket, call this endpoint. Canceling is only possible if none of the ticket’s legs (terms) have been previously funded. Otherwise, only the side that already funded the ticket has the ability to cancel it.


const createSmartTransferTicket = async (
  assetIdToSend: string,
  assetIdToRecieve: string,
  amountToSend: number,
  amountToRecieve: number,
  fromNetworkId: string,
  toNetworkId: string,
  externalRefId?: string,
): Promise<SmartTransferTicket | undefined> => {
  try {
    const ticket = await fireblocks.smartTransfer.createTicket({
      smartTransferCreateTicket: {
        createdByNetworkId: fromNetworkId,
        type: SmartTransferCreateTicketTypeEnum.Async,
        expiresIn: 24,
        terms: [
            asset: assetIdToSend,
            amount: amountToSend,
            asset: assetIdToRecieve,
            amount: amountToRecieve,
        note: "Custom Smart Transfer note",
        submit: true,

    console.log(JSON.stringify(ticket.data, null, 2));
    return ticket.data.data;
  } catch (error: any) {

const fundSmartTransferTicket = async (
  smartTransferTicket: SmartTransferTicket,
  networkConnectionId: string, // connectionId between networks "e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a" and "798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98"
  fundingSourceType: TransferPeerPathType,
  fundingSourceId: string,
): Promise<SmartTransferTicketTermResponse> => {
  try {
    const fundedTicketTerm = await fireblocks.smartTransfer.fundTicketTerm({
      ticketId: smartTransferTicket.id,
      termId: smartTransferTicket.terms[0].id,
      smartTransferFundTerm: {
        asset: smartTransferTicket.terms[0].asset,
        amount: smartTransferTicket.terms[0].amount,
        srcType: fundingSourceType,
        srcId: fundingSourceId,

    console.log(JSON.stringify(fundedTicketTerm.data, null, 2));
    return fundedTicketTerm.data;
  } catch (error) {

const main = async () => {
  const smartTransferTicket = await createSmartTransferTicket(

  await fundSmartTransferTicket(


//prerequisites: API key from fireblocks, set up in console

const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const { FireblocksSDK } = require('fireblocks-sdk');
const { exit } = require('process');
const { inspect } = require('util');

//api secret key file created
const apiSecret = fs.readFileSync(path.resolve("../fireblocks_secret.key"), "utf8");
const apiKey = "<API_KEY HERE>"
// Choose the right api url for your workspace type
const baseUrl = "https://api.fireblocks.io";
const fireblocks = new FireblocksSDK(apiSecret, apiKey, baseUrl);

(async () => {
 let ticket = await fireblocks.createSmartTransferTicket({
  createdByNetworkId: "e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a",
  type: "ASYNC",
  expiresIn: 24,
  terms: [
    asset: "BTC",
    amount: "1.23",
    fromNetworkId: "e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a",
    toNetworkId: "798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98",
    asset: "ETH",
    amount: "23.213",
    fromNetworkId: "798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98",
    toNetworkId: "e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a",
  externalRefId: "External ref. ID",
  note: "Custom Smart Transfer note",
  submit: true,


 await fireblocks.fundSmartTransferTicketTerm(ticket.id, ticket.terms[0].id, {
  asset: "BTC",
  amount: "1.23",
  networkConnectionId: "db33d21c-18e2-40d2-88c0-67541b61aff3", // connectionId between networks "e41bd5cb-088c-41f2-bb6c-9fb027075e5a" and "798ac350-8aec-459f-96f5-505481933f98"
  srcId: "1",
  srcType: "VAULT_ACCOUNT",

 console.error(`Failed: ${e}`);
import json
from pathlib import Path

from fireblocks_sdk import FireblocksSDK
from fireblocks_sdk.api_types import *

def initialize_fireblocks(api_secret, api_key, base_url):
       return FireblocksSDK(private_key=api_secret, api_key=api_key, api_base_url=base_url)
   except Exception as e:
       raise ConnectionError(f"Error initializing Fireblocks SDK: {e}")

def create_ticket(fireblocks_instance):
       ticket_result = fireblocks_instance.create_smart_transfer_ticket(