Get a network connection

Gets a network connection by ID.

Note: This API call is subject to Flexible Routing Schemes.

Your routing policy defines how your transactions are routed.
You can choose 1 of the 3 different schemes mentioned below for each asset type:

  • None; Defines the profile routing to no destination for that asset type. Incoming transactions to asset types routed to None will fail.
  • Custom; Route to an account that you choose. If you remove the account, incoming transactions will fail until you choose another one.
  • Default; Use the routing specified by the network profile the connection is connected to. This scheme is also referred to as "Profile Routing"

Default Workspace Presets:

  • Network Profile Crypto → Custom

  • Network Profile FIAT → None

  • Network Connection Crypto → Default

  • Network Connection FIAT → Default

    • Note: By default, Custom routing scheme uses (dstId = 0, dstType = VAULT).