Resend Webhook Notifications

Fireblocks customers can resend webhook notifications that were missed by their server by using the following API endpoints:

Resend all failed webhook notifications

The following command re-sends all the failed webhooks pending the backoff retry mechanism being re-sent.

const result = await fireblocks.resendWebhooks();

result = fireblocks.resend_webhooks()

  • The above command returns webhookCount which is the number of re-sent webhook notifications.

Resend missed notifications for a specific transaction

Use the following command to re-send a missing webhook notification per specific transaction:

const result = await fireblocks.resendTransactionWebhooksById(txId, resendCreated, resendStatusUpdated);

result = fireblocks.resend_transaction_webhooks_by_id(txId, resend_created, resend_status_updated)

Returns 200 on success