Approve Configuration Changes

Configuration Approval Callback

POST /v2/config_change_sign_request

This request expects a CallbackResponse object from the callback handler. If the callback handler does not respond within 30 seconds, Fireblocks fails the request.

Request parameters

requestIdstringA unique identifier of this request. It must be returned in the response.
typestringThe type of configuration request:
extraInfoobjectAdditional information about the request, depending on the type:

For UNMANAGED_WALLET, this is an AddressInfo object.

For EXCHANGE or FIAT_ACCOUNT, this is a ThirdPartyInfo object.

Type descriptions

UNMANAGED_WALLETAn event which involves address whitelisting
EXCHANGEAn event which involves adding an exchange to your workspace
FIAT_ACCOUNTAn event which involves adding a Fiat account to your workspace
ADD_USERAn event which involves adding a user to your workspace
RE_ENROLL_DEVICEAn event where an admin re-enrolls a mobile device for one of the users
ENABLE_ONE_TIME_ADDRESSAn event which involves enabling a particular transaction to a one-time address in the workspace
CHANGE_QUORUM_THRESHOLDAn event where the admin updates the quorum threshold
ADD_NETWORK_CONNECTIONAn event of adding a Fireblocks Network new connection
SET_NETWORK_CONNECTION_ROUTING_POLICYAn event where the admin configures the routing policy for each network connection
SET_NETWORK_ID_POLICYAn event of setting up the a Fireblocks Network Network ID in case its profile is not discoverable
UPDATE_APPROVAL_GROUP_MAPPINGAn event involving gathering a list of approvers for a particular admin operation

Data objects


The AddressInfo object contains additional information for whitelisting a destination address.

subTypestringINTERNAL - Internal Wallets are addresses that you control outside of your Fireblocks workspace. Internal addresses display their current balance and are included in your workspace's total billable address count.

EXTERNAL - External Wallets are addresses managed by your clients and counterparties.

CONTRACT - Contract Wallets are addresses of smart contracts that you want to interact with. Currently, this only applies to smart contracts on EVM-compatible blockchains.
walletNamestringThe name of the internal, external, or contract wallet that you want to approve adding an address to.
walletIdobjectThe ID of the internal, external, or contract wallet that you want to approve adding an address to.
assetstringThe ID of the asset to add to this wallet. Use GET supported assets request to retrieve more information about an asset.
addressstringThe asset deposit address requested to add to the wallet.
tagstringDestination address tag for Ripple; destination memo for EOS, Stellar, Hedera, & DigitalBits; destination note for Algorand; bank transfer description for fiat providers.

Note: For Stellar, the memo must be a string representation of an integer between “0” and “2147483647”. Setting the memo to other values for Stellar assets will result in a failed request with an error message.


subTypestringThe exchange account, fiat account, or unmanaged wallet (INTERNAL, EXTERNAL).
accountNamestringThe account's name.
accountIdstringThe account's ID.
apiKeystringThe third-party service's API key.
addressesstring(Optional) A JSON-formatted "key":"value" string, where "key" is an asset symbol and "value" is its address. There can be multiple entries in the JSON. Use supported_assets to retrieve asset symbols.


networkConnectionIdstringID of network connection
notestringConnection note
localNetworkIDstringID of local networkId
remoteTenantIDstringID of remote peer tenantId
routingPolicystringJSON representation of routing policy object


connectionIdstringID of network connection
routingPolicystringJSON representation of routing policy object


networkIDstringID of networkID
routingPolicystringJSON representation of routing policy object