Create a Staking Position

  1. Approve the terms of service of your desired staking provider (Kiln or Figment):
const FireblocksSDK = require("fireblocks-sdk").FireblocksSDK;  
const fireblocks = new FireblocksSDK(privateKey, apiKey);  

const approveRequest = await fireblocks.approveStakingProviderTermsOfService("kiln");

  1. Create your staking position :
const stakeRequest = await fireblocks.executeStakingStake(
		txNote:"stake 100 SOL from vaultId 1, 24 Jan 2024"

The response object from the staking action includes an ID that serves as the unique identifier for the staking position.
It's essential to save this ID for future reference. If you lose this ID, you can retrieve all the IDs from the staking position in your workspace by using the fireblocks.getStakingPositions() function.

Monitor and sign the staking request

Find the relevant transaction - After creating the staking position, find the new transaction ID using getStakingPosition(id). The transaction ID can be found under responseBody.relatedTransactions[0].txId:

const positionId =  
const position = await fireblocks.getStakingPosition(positionId);

// When creating a new staking position, there is only 1 transaction  
const txId = position.relatedTransactions[0].txId

// ... sign it

To sign the transaction, please follow the necessary steps outlined. Learn more about the transaction signing request and approval process .

Once the stake position is created, you can monitor the position status and available actions, such as unstaking or withdrawing, using getPosition(positionId).