Setting a webhook will allow you to get notifications for events on your Fireblocks workspace. You can receive notifications on events in your workspace such as incoming/outgoing transactions, transactions' status updates, new vault accounts, new wallets, new external/internal addresses, and many more.

In order to connect a Webhook to your Fireblocks workspace please refer to this article. Once your Webhook is connected to your Fireblocks workspace, you will receive notifications on events in that workspace. All events will be sent with the following headers (the public key for verifying the signature can be found here):

Fireblocks-Signature = Base64(RSA512(WEBHOOK_PRIVATE_KEY, SHA512(eventBody)))
Fireblocks-API-Version = "1.4.0"

Fireblocks will send a POST request to the URL(s) associated with the workspace and expect a 200 response. If no response is received, Fireblocks will resend the request several more times with an increasing delay between each attempt, the retry attempts will be taken after [ 15, 45, 105,225, 465, 945, 1905, 3825, 7665, 15345 ] seconds.

On the language tabs, you can find examples of how to setup up the server and verify the signature header of the request.